Water is constantly on the move, traveling through soil, city filtration facilities and finally making its way through miles of pipeline into your home. On this journey, it's easy for contaminants to be introduced back into already treated water, whether it's from corrosion, leaks or breaks in aging infrastructure. With a water treatment system from Lee Well Drilling you can address specific taste and quality issues in your water.



Dave and his wife, Kelley, reside in Hoffman, MN. As a grandfather, and a third generation driller, Dave and our crew continue the family tradition of superior service and technological innovation. Since 1908, we have been a steady and reliable company that cares about people.

We offer complete residential and commercial, full-service, water treatment systems. Our goal—excellent service, making the purchase of your well, well system, or water treatment system, an enjoyable experience. Pushing forward, we intend to provide customers with the best up-to-date water solutions for coming generations.

GENERations of service

Over a century ago, after the drought of 1910, Martin Lee started drilling wells in the Marvin, South Dakota area in 1911. His son, Quentin Lee, Sr., after serving as an aviator in the Pacific during World War II, took over the business and did well drilling and service work around Milbank, South Dakota. With the expansion of central rural water pipeline systems into eastern South Dakota in the 1970's, the Lees moved eastward into Minnesota.